Decade of Roma Inclusion - the 8th International Steering Committee

"Strengthening the cooperation between European Commission and the Decade of Roma Inclusion: concrete ways of European Commission involvement"

12 of June, 2006, Brussels

Organized by:
Romanian Government -National Agency for Roma (NAR) - the second International Steering Committee (ISC) reunion held under the Romanian presidency

The ISC meeting will bring together important European Commission’ officials, government representatives from the eight countries involved in the Decade, as well as representatives of international organizations, partner in the Decade, and civil society activists. The conference is aiming to strenghten the collaboration between the above mentioned programe and the European Commission within the framework  of Decade for Roma Inclusion. Mr. Vladimir Spidla, Commisioner for employment, will be present and other representatives of EC and international organizations.

Maria Ursu
Expert National Agency for Roma (NAR)