[CALL] Advocacy Grant Call for Hungary - DEADLINE EXTENDED 06/22

Call for Proposals


The Roma Education Fund’s (REF) mission and goal is to contribute to closing the gap in educational outcomes between Roma and non-Roma. In order to achieve this goal, the organization supports policies and programs which ensure quality education for Roma through scholarships, grant making and advocacy activities. 

The objectives of REF include: 

-       Expanding Roma children’s access to quality early childhood education and care; 

-       Improving primary education outcomes for Roma children aged six to fourteen; 

-       Boosting academic performance and graduation rates from secondary education for   Roma pupils; 

-       Supporting access to tertiary education, improving graduation levels and strengthening identity of
  Roma university students, and 

-       Expanding employment opportunities for young Roma adults. 

The Roma Education Fund operates in close links with civil society and institutional partners in 16 countries of Central, Eastern, and South-Eastern Europe.

The objective of the call is to select a partner organization in Hungary for the implementation of an advocacy project, with the maximum amount of 10,000 EUR, that will be in line with REF's strategic framework  projects  (can be found linked in the documents below) and contribute to achieve the vision of REF. 

For detailed project proposal information and selection criteria, please download the Call For Proposal document linked below.