Ognyan Isaev (REF Bulgaria): Roma potential needs to be better utilized

The exhibition Dream to Dream: Bulgarian Roma Gain Traction and Skills in Secondary Education showcases 20 Roma high school students from Bulgaria who believe in what they are, dare to challenge their current studies and invest in their vocational prospective. Roma are among the youngest communities in Europe, though, with the least utilized potential, said Ognyan Isaev, the Country Facilitator of the Roma Education Fund, at the opening of the exhibition. This is also an investment in all the sectors of our common future, where sooner or later the Roma human resources will be employed, Isaev added. The initiative was part of the Education Committee meeting under the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU, 8 June, at Varna Economics University.

Through this small exhibition, Roma Education Fund displays that education actually is a priority for Roma young people and their families.

REF hopes that the fruitful cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science would last longer, since REF and the Bulgarian government have common understanding about the success of Roma students.