Open Call and Terms of Reference for Corporate Design and Website Development

The Roma Education Fund’s (“REF”) mission and ultimate goal is to close the gap in educational outcomes between Roma and non-Roma. In order to achieve this goal, the organization supports policies and programs which ensure quality education for Roma through scholarships, grant making and advocacy activities. The objectives of REF include:

  • Expanding Romani children’s access to quality early childhood education and care;
  • Improving primary education outcomes for Romani children aged six to fourteen;
  • Boosting academic performance and graduation rates from secondary education for Romani pupils;
  • Supporting access to tertiary education, improving graduation levels and  identity of Romani university students;
  • Expanding employment opportunities for young Romani adults.

The Roma Education Fund operates its activities in close links with civil society and institutional partners in 16 countries of Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe.

The Roma Education Fund is an education development network with its headquarters in Hungary, with two sister foundations in Romania and Slovakia, and branch offices in Montenegro and Serbia.

1. Objectives and scope of work

In order to properly communicate REF’s mission, activities, achievements, values and reflect to the fast-changing needs of the target group and the international political environment, REF management has decided that in the framework of re-branding the organization, REF should refresh its corporate design and website. REF intends to engage professional service -provider to assist its PR/Communications department in this process with the following objectives:

  • Development of a new corporate image and design
  • Redesign and development of the website of the organization 

1.1. Development of a new corporate image and design

Refreshing REF’s corporate image and design shall include the following:

  • Review REF logo in regard to colors, font and the inclusion of REF slogan and corporate name
  • Develop unified graphic design and design elements for REF, including

‒      Font type(s) [headers + body, web fonts?], multi-device readability, consistency, etc.

‒      Color schemes and palette

‒      Elements in play (book, a person, other?)

‒      Usage of photos (colors, cropping, etc.)

‒      Choice of themes

  • Develop corporate stationery document designs

‒      Letterheads, corporate documents (e.g., contracts, invitations) in MS Word

‒      Reports in MS Word

‒      MS Excel spreadsheets

‒      Business cards

‒      Other templates

‒      MS PowerPoint master slides, including low and high details ppt

‒      PPT printout design (cover and back page, binder, separator, etc.)

  • Infographics

‒      Charts (colors, types, info graphics, etc.)

‒      Tables

‒      Messages, lists, etc.

  • Other offline communications

‒      Print stationery design

‒      Brochures, introduction presentation, etc.

  • Online communications

‒      Email signatures (incl. the logo and a photo, etc.)


1.2. Development of a new corporate website

1.2.1. Design and content

The organization has its website at REF seeks to deploy a contemporary web design, including an improvement of the structure, the image and the content of the website. The website must comply with renewed corporate identity/branding and color schemes and be functional and easy to use for all interested parties/readers/beneficiaries.

The role of the service-provider is to prepare several option/versions for an intuitive, attractive and informative website design and shall prepare template pages (including, but not limited to news, blogs, video and image gallery, posts, event calendar, etc.) according to the selected design.

The content of the website (including photos) will be provided by REF in consultation with the service-provider.

1.2.2. Web development

The service-provider shall arrange for the web development of the approved website design. The development tool used should be Drupal content-management framework (preferably Drupal 8).

The website shall be dynamic and available and designed also for mobile devices.

Since REF works in 16 countries in a multi-lingual environment, the website shall be prepared for multi-lingual content and features.

The developer of the website shall provide a training session for those persons at REF who are involved in the maintenance and development of the website.

Webhosting and maintenance of the website will be provided by REF.

2. Timing

REF envisages to implement the new design and website in 2017. 

3. Application

Proposal for the tasks included in this Terms of Reference shall include the following:

1)    Technical proposal, which shall include:

  • Understanding of the tasks:

‒      Proposed approach and methodology to complete the task

‒      Proposed timeframe and detailed work plan

‒      Proposed team

  • Annexes:

‒      Curricula vitae of the proposed team

‒      Relevant reference projects from previous successful mandates. Please include URLs.

2)    Financial proposal

  • A lump-sum fee for the tasks listed in the Technical proposal in EUR
  • Any additional costs to be considered in relation to the performance of the tasks.

The completed application shall be sent electronically to Ms. Svetlana Hristova, PR/Communication Manager of Roma Education Fund, no later than July 31, 2017.

Criteria for selection:

  • Technical Proposal (60%)
  • Financial Proposal (40%)
The Terms of Reference are available for download here.