REF Board Meets

The REF Board met on October 18, 2005 to review the second cohort of proposed education projects. Seventeen projects were reviewed, of which ten were approved, four rejected and three deferred. A list of the approved projects (September and October) .

The Board reviewed the availability of funds for the remainder of 2005 and 2006 and reviewed the administrative budget.  They discussed future fund-raising activities, concluding that preparation should begin for a possible donor meeting in Spring, 2006.  In this context, the Board stressed the importance of developing REF communications including both press statements and the preparation of an annual report covering REF activities since the Paris Donor Conference.

The Board authorized the following acting assignments for the position of Director following the departure of Julius Varallyay on October 26: Roger Grawe - October 26 – November 25, Rumyan Russinov - December 11 – 17. Alexandre Marc will take up his assignment as Director on or about December 1 but will be absent on previously commitments from December 10 through the end of the year.  Staff notified the Board that the REF office in Budapest would be closed during the holiday period although REF staff will be reachable on-line.   

The Board also confirmed that 3rd Board meetings per year should continue to be used for planning and budgeting purposes. The members of the Board confirmed Costel Bercus as the new  Chairperson of the Board. The next meeting would likely be in February.