Context publications on Roma Education/Policy

Context publications on Roma Education/Policy

10 Common Basic Principles of Roma Inclusion –Initiative of the European Union:
A comprehensive publication outlining the European Platform for Roma inclusion. Includes 10 basic principles and outlines the process of implementation.

Education in Member State Submissions under the EU Framework for National Roma Integration Strategies
The document outlines and explores member-state submissions to the European Framework. It includes a compilation of strategies submitted by member-states to be used for the purpose of implementing the National Roma Education plan.

Horváth and Kiss Judgment on Roma Education
An entry submitted by an up-to-date blog managed by The European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. Article details the outcome and effects of the European Court case
Hovath and Kiss v. Hungary.

Report on Roma Education Today: From Slavery to Segregation and Beyond
An article from the Columbia Law Review published May 2010. A comprehensive article that outlines the history of Roma segregation and the steps in which Roma equality has slowly progressed over the years.

Roma education in the UK: Flourishing Abroad, Derided at home
This article appeared in the Economist Dec 2011 that details educational barriers Romani students face in certain parts of Europe. Article also compares educational shortcomings and strengths of specific institutions.