Gazella goes to school : Education for Roma children in Belgrade

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The Roma Education Fund designs and implements groundbreaking programs to increase Roma children's attendance and achievement at school.
Most recently, the Roma Education Fund has cooperated with a broad spectrum of national, municipal, and NGO partners in Serbia to address the education of Roma children relocated from their homes under Gazela Bridge in Belgrade.
After years of neglect, some of Belgrade's most underprivileged Roma children now have a realistic chance to integrate into mainstream Serbian schools.

Nonetheless, some problems are persistent and many other children across Serbia have been yet to be given such an equal chance to learn.

Directed by Milutin Jovanovic
Cinematography by
Biljana Ristivojcevic Bizic and Vladimir Nesovic
Edited by
Nenad Mladenovic

Produced by
Golden Touch and the Roma Education Fund