International Roma Day Celebration | Budapest, Hungary 2014

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On International Roma Day (8th April) some 200 Romani university students, activists, professionals, together with their supporters and peers from academic and professional life, joined together to march on the streets of downtown Budapest,Hungary.
With appearances by Tehamana Skendorovska, Sebijan Fejzula, Gabor Daroczi and Knowledge is Power, they rallied together to celebrate achievements in Romani culture and traditions.
Embodying values of resistance, dignity, freedom and pride and chanting Athe Sam (We are here!) and Opre Roma (Rise up, Roma!), the march ended with a ceremony to honor Roma victims of violence and oppression along the Danube.These themes were echoed in later events on of the day, including a public debate at the Open Society Archives and live entertainment that evening.
A special lifetime achievement award was given posthumously to the dearly departed Nicolae Gheorghe and accepted on behalf of his family by the Roma Education Fund’s own Dan Pavel Doghi.

Among the participants were representatives of the Open Society Foundations’ Roma Initiatives Office and Making the Most of EU Funds for Roma, the European Roma Rights Centre, the Decade of Roma Inclusion Secretariat, the Forum of European Roma Young People, the CEU Roma Access Programs and the Roma Education Fund.
The acknowledgment of this day forms part of a broader Roma movement to promote justice, equality and inclusion in all aspects of our societies.

Participants in order of appearance:

Gabor Daroczi, Director of Romaversitas Foundation (Hungary)
Sebijan Fejzula, MA student, Central European University (Macedonia)
Bela Racz, Project Manager at Making the Most of EU funds for Roma, Open Society Foundations (Hungary)
Tehamana Skendorovska, RELP student, Central European University (Macedonia)
Kristof Horvath aka Szinesz Bob and Mizo Edmond Olah, slammers of the Knowledge is Power slam poetry team (Hungary)
Dan Pavel Doghi, Higher Education Program Manager, REF Scholarship Program (Romania)
Beata Bislim Olahova, Grant Program Manager REF (Slovakia)
EtnoRom, Hungary (
Zeljko Jovanovic, Director of Roma Initiatives Office, Open Society Foundations (Serbia)
Nadir Redzepi, Project Manager at Making the Most of EU funds for Roma, Open Society Foundations (Macedonia)