RomaVersitas Summit

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"Romaversitas gave me almost everything that I treasure today. Romaversitas is not just a training and scholarship program for Roma university students. Romaversitas means a whole world for most of the students, Romaversitas made us the people who our parents wanted us to be, who we wanted to be… Romaversitas gave us not only financial support, but a community, values, a mission, a dedication," said Henriett Dinok, Junior Research Fellow at Centre for Social Sciences at the Institute for Legal Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences; Member of the Board, Chance for Children Foundation; PhD in Law, Doctoral Candidate at Szeged University; RomaVersitas 2006-2013, and six-time beneficiary of REF's Roma Memorial University Scholarship Program.

Some sixty RomaVersitas students from Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova and Serbia arrived on September 3 in Budapest to take part in a three-day Summit. Currently studying in liberal arts programs across the region, they will assemble in Budapest in order to meet REF donors who support the program, hear inspirational remarks from business leaders who have risen to the top of their respective fields, as well as interact with educational and public policy professionals. Many RomaVersitas students are concurrently beneficiaries of REF's Roma Memorial Scholarship Program.

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