The prospect of a Decade of Roma Inclusion is discussed in Budapest, and with it the establishment of the Roma Education Fund (REF), at an international conference in the summer.

George Soros and John D. Wolfensohn, together with prestigious international donors, establish REF at a donor conference in Paris.

REF was registered as a Swiss foundation and opened its Budapest office. REF published its first study, Segregation in the Primary School System in Hungary.

The World Bank’s Alexandre Marc became REF’s first Executive Director and joined a staff of seven.
REF established a Hungarian foundation.

Ten basic indicators to measure how many children and families were participating in its programs were introduced to REF’s monitoring and evaluation unit.

Tobias Linden from the World Bank joined REF as Executive Director.
The European Commission held the first EU Roma Summit in Brussels.

After four years of operations, REF had contracted 196 projects from 497 applications.
Financial contributions by local and national authorities accounted…

The European Court of Human Rights ruled in Oršuš and Others v. Croatia that Roma children had been uniquely segregated, opening the way for REF’s later work in Croatia’s Medimurje County.

Staff member Judit Szira was appointed as Executive Director.
From 2005 to 2011, REF approved 277 grant requests for a total commitment of EUR 24,428,616.

An external evaluation of REF reported: “In general, REF has made sustainable impacts in education system through its policy work and projects, producing new models to support…

The Council of the European Union recommendations adopted on December 10, 2013 called on member states “to ensure equal treatment and full access for Roma boys and girls…

Costel Bercus left his post as Chair of the Board and was replaced by Andrzej Mirga.
The European Union commenced infringement proceedings against…

The Decade of Roma Inclusion, a powerful coalition and policy instrument which led to the EU Framework for National Roma Integration Strategies, formally ended with a final conference in Sarajevo.

Nadir Redzepi joined REF as its first Roma Executive Director and REF began a new cycle of restructuring and growth with a renewed commitment to sustaining change in the Roma education field.