Download the application package and read the eligibility requirements, guidelines and other supporting documents.
1 Download and
Research and draft your application, with all the required supporting documents ready for the online application system.
If you need help, please write the REF Country Facilitator for your area.
Submission of your application through our unique online application form requires registration. In the application system you may save a draft until your application is complete. Once your proposal is complete, submit your full application and all relevant supporting documents.
2 Registration,
Submission and
Receipt of you submission will be confirmed within 24 hours during regular business hours.
First review – A member of REF staff may ask for additional supporting documents to be submitted once the first review has been made. Failure to do so may result in your application being rejected.
3 Application Review
and Notification
Second review – REF’s Project Management Committee (PMC) will review your application and may ask for more information or modifications before your application raches the next step.
Third review – A member of REF staff will notify you if your application is accepted for final review by the Governing Board.
Final review – REF’s Governing Board meets three times annually (approximately March, July, December) and will review applications for rejection or approval of funding.
Notification – After the Governing Board’s review, you will be notified on the decision regarding your application rejection or approval. If approved, you will receive a grant letter with a request to fill out the Project Implementation and Monitoring Plan, and once it is finalized, you will be eligible for contracting.
If your application is approved for financial support, you will receive a contract for signature which defines the requirements for implementation, reporting, legal requirements and fee schedule. Upon agreement, two copies signed by your legal representative shall be returned to REF.
4 Contracting
REF Executive Director will sign your contract upon receiving at the Budapest office.