Law and Humanities Program (LHP) Language Courses Grants Component

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All Law and Humanities Program scholarship recipients in the 2017-2018 academic year may apply for one Language Courses Grant, in addition to the regular academic scholarship. The maximum amount of a Language Courses Grant for one recipient is 300 EUR. Scholars who are willing to receive financial support for attending foreign language courses in the second half of the 2017-2018 academic year must complete the Online Application Form available here and submit it through the online system by the deadline of January 15, 2019. You can find a tutorial on how to apply via the Online Application System here.

Eligibility Criteria:
•    Applicants should be ongoing LHP beneficiaries by the time of submitting the online application for the Language Courses Grant;
•    Applicants should have applied and be conditionally accepted in a Language School accredited in the their residence country; please note that one-to-one language courses (i.e. private lessons) will not be supported by this Grant;
•    Applicants should submit a Conditional Enrolment Certificate from the Language School, which should contain the applicant’s name, language level, the conditional acceptance confirmation (i.e. conditional upon the fee payment);
•    Those LHP beneficiaries who received an LHP Language Courses Grant in the past should also submit a certificate from the Language School they attended, certifying that they successfully completed the course.
•    For students who benefited of LHP language courses in the past academic years and who intend to apply for a Grant for the same foreign language: the level of language courses to be supported by LHP in 2018 should be higher than the one supported by LHP in the past.

Please note that meeting the eligibility criteria does not necessarily guarantee the granting of the Language course support.

Selection Criteria:
Language Course Grant will be given to Scholars on a competitive basis, considering the following criteria:
•    General academic standing;
•    Expressed motivation;
•    The overall accuracy of the application.
In case of equally good applications, priority will be given to students who have not benefited of a LHP Language Courses Grant in the past.

Reporting Procedure
Important: You are obliged to submit in a deadline of 2 weeks after completion of the Language course the following documentation:
– Confirmation for a successful completion of the Language course (copy of Diploma or other received Certification;
– Financial justification* –payment receipt, invoices– for the expenses covered for the language course.

*Financial justification is not required in case the language course grant was paid directly to the language school from REF SP.

Please submit this documentation in electronic form via email to your Country Coordinator.
The submission of the mentioned above documentations by the set deadline is mandatory; failure to do so will disqualify the applicant from the future Language course and other professional development competitions as well as from the future REF SP scholarship cycles.
According to REF Scholarship Program policies and procedures the applicants found responsible for submitting to REF forged or false documents and information shall not be further considered for REF SP scholarship schemes or additional components, and for other REF programs.
In case you become a recipient of a Language course grant in 2017-18 academic year, please note that all the Contractual Obligations (page 6 of your scholarship Online Application Form – OAF) which are applicable to your scholarship grant are valid for the Language course grant as well.

For any further question related to the LHP Language Courses Grants, please contact your Country Coordinator!

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