LHP Small-Scale Project Grants



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Application Guidelines 2019

Small-Scale Community Projects component of the LHP is meant to promote and strengthen the philosophy of community participation among LHP current beneficiaries and Alumni, and provide them the opportunity to gain experience in designing and implementing a community project and hence help Roma communities and develop a set of skills that will contribute to their further personal and professional development. Furthermore, such new acquired skills, with a focus on networking, management, administration, coordination, budgeting, monitoring evaluation, and reporting would constitute solid assets for students in their future career endeavors.

The LHP Small-Scale Community Projects would emphasize on work for community mobilization and development; education summer camps for children and youth; enrolment in pre-school and primary school, capacity building and empowerment of youth and women; counseling and legal aid; health–related initiatives; stimulating entrepreneurship and employment; awareness raising and advocacy campaigns focusing on civil rights, civil registration, voter education and anti-discrimination; facilitate co-operation between the local community representatives and local authorities to address the issues and challenges faced by the local community. The Small-Scale Community Projects shall target Roma communities and could include a component aiming to raise awareness and sensitize the mainstream population about the Roma issues and their situation. The LHP Program also welcomes proposals of projects that would focus on mobilizing former and current LHP beneficiaries to communicate, interact, develop joint activities and co-operate in Alumni-specific manner and environment.

The maximum amount for a LHP small-scale community project is: EUR 2500.

The application should contain the following documents:

1) Completed LHP Small-Scale Project Grants Application Form, downloadable here. Please be aware that only complete (electronically) application forms will be considered;

2) CVs of each member of the small-scale project implementation team;

3) ID or passport copies of each member of the small-scale project implementation team.

The application form should indicate clearly the person who is the main applicant – who must be a current or former LHP beneficiary – as well as the positions and roles of the other members within the project implementation team. The project should indicate the main categories of expenses and their corresponding amounts, which should be in line with the nature of the project and its set activities. In case a project is selected for funding, the LHP program will maintain correspondence with the main applicant and will transfer the grant amount on his/her bank account.

Eligibility Criteria:
–    Submitted complete application package, with all the documents listed above;
–    The main applicant must be a current or former LHP beneficiary (who benefited of an LHP scholarship within at least one of the last 5 academic years) and should have an implementation team composed of minimum 3 to maximum 7 members;
–    The other members of the implementation team can be either current or former LHP beneficiaries and representatives of the community targeted by the project; please note that building up a project team formed by several LHP beneficiaries would be considered an asset;
–    The project activities should be scheduled on days and periods which are not conflicting with the academic obligations of the team members that are ongoing LHP beneficiaries;
–    The project implementation should be concluded by November 15th, 2018 the latest.

Selection Criteria:
–    Relevance of proposed objectives and activities for the need of the targeted Roma community;
–    Project feasibility overall;
–    Clarity and coherence of the set objective(s), activities and envisaged results and adequate role distribution among implementation team members;
–    Clear indicators for measuring objectives’ achievement;
–    Budget clarity and appropriateness.

Interested candidates should send their applications consisting of the documents listed above via email, to the address REFLHP_smallscaleprojects@romaeducationfund.org

The deadline for submitting the applications for the LHP small-scale project grants is July 22nd, 2019.

Interim Report Form

Final Report Form