Western Balkans and Turkey Roma Education Project’s policy event of REF in Belgrade, Serbia

There is visible progress in the implementation of educational policies from the perspective of institutions, was the key message from the policy event in Belgrade, „Challenges and Opportunities for Roma Children and Youth in Serbia” (on 28th May, 2019). The event has been organized by the Roma Education Fund with the help of the REF’s country facilitator Dzanatan Koko.

It became clear during the forum that the representatives and activists from the Roma civil society organizations believe that appropriate control mechanisms should be introduced for monitoring the achievement of the goals of the National Strategy for Social Inclusion of Roma in the field of education.

State should take advantage from the current national project initiatives in order to increase the coverage of Roma children in early age with quality preschool education, with a special focus on increasing the coverage of children aged 3 to 5.5 years.

State agencies in close partnership with Roma and non-Roma organizations should address the specific needs of Roma girls and women in order to ensure them with adequate and equal access to education, employment, housing, health care and public life.  More on recommendations read here: srb-policy-event-recommendations