Western Balkans and Turkey Roma Education Project’s policy event of REF in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The stakeholders in Bosnia and Herzegovina – those, uniting efforts under the EU-funded project „Increasing Educational Opportunities of Roma in Western Balkans and Turkey”, have expressed their concern for the absence of Strategic Platform to Address Issues of National Minorities Issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This recommendation has been messaged during the policy event in Sarajevo, „Challenges and Opportunities for Roma Children and Youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina” (on 30th  May, 2019). The event has been organized by the Roma Education Fund with the help of local implementing partners’ organizations and the REF country facilitator Aida Mihajlovic.

The forum revealed number of the key policy recommendations targeting the Roma communities in regard to boosting educational and employment opportunities (BiH_Policy_Event_Draft_Recommendations). Among those are that the state is urged to ensure budgetary means to support action plans for Roma inclusion in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the particular accent on Roma girls and women, and to discover adequate solutions for returnee children to continue quality education with their peers.