Bulgarian desegregation projects funded by the EU Structural Funds

The Roma Education Fund is pleased to announce that its seven desegregation projects in Bulgaria is being now funded by the EU Structural Funds, under the Operational Programme  Human Resources Development (OP HRD) as announced by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education on March 14, 2008.

This is a crucial development which marks the transition of the school desegregation projects from grassroots to state-supported action and opens new prospects for their sustainability.

As from earlier information, in 2007 the Ministry of Education included a sub-programme in the OP HRD entitled Fostering a favourable multicultural environment for practical implementation of intercultural education and upbringing. This subprogram is open for municipalities, schools and NGOs and envisages support for activities to discontinue Romani children attendance of Roma-only schools and improve the educational environment.