REF research provides a powerful evidence-based background to inform and guide its advocacy, scholarships, mentoring and grant-making. Plugged into REF’s multidimensional grants that span from early childhood education to tertiary education, REF research aims to break down societal barriers to educational equity for Roma by institutional and structural inclusion through its findings including:


– Building evidence needed for policy change through external research and community engagement
– Internal measurement, evaluation, and research building support for the adoption of REF models by
governments and NGOs
– Using evidence and community empowerment to shape international, national, and local education policy
– Shifting societal narratives about Roma education


Through the publication of Country Assessments, Position Papers, Working Papers, Studies and Impact Evaluations, not to mention a well-regarded Annual Report on the state of REF’s work on Roma education in the region, REF Research is an active contributor to the academic community of Critical Romani Studies, as well as reaching a broader community of education authorities, strategic policymakers, government officials and activists working in communities and schools.


REF Research works together with staff, donors, governments, ministries of education, teaching colleges and teachers, NGOs, policymakers and others to develop salient research on the resilience of Roma children and youth in quality, inclusive education. It combines its efforts with units working on community empowerment, capacity building and advocacy to create new practices and policies to positively impact Roma children and youth, improve their educational outcomes and impact Roma livelihoods later in life.

Please visit our publications page to see some of the work produced by REF Research.