REF Signs Memorandum of Cooperation with Montenegro's Ministry of Human Rights

On July 4, 2014, the Roma Education Fund signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with Montenegro’s Ministry of Human and Minority Rights.

Based on previous cooperation among REF, the Ministry, the Bureau for Education and the Institute for Social Inclusion, the Memorandum recognizes the need to improve the academic performance and transition rate to secondary and tertiary education for Roma and Egyptians in Montenegro and to maintain the continued school success of Romani and Egyptian secondary school and university students through a combination of scholarships, school-based mentoring and tutoring, and effective outreach. 

The participating parties are mandated to introduce a sustainable drop-out prevention program for Romani and Egyptian secondary school students to enable them to complete their secondary schooling. Approximately 80 Romani and Egyptian secondary school students enrolled in General Education and Technical Vocational Education schools and 15 University students in the Republic of Montenegro are expected to participate in the activities designed to reach Romani and Egyptian students at risk of dropping out. To achieve this objective the implementing body will provide measures to strengthen existing scholarship scheme and to provide mentorship and tutorship support to program beneficiaries.

REF will take the lead in the introduction and strengthening of the scholarship scheme and provide technical assistance for the implementation of measures and activities, as stated in the project. REF also will share its training programs and lead development of training programs for mentors and facilitate selection of necessary training experts, along with its own financial contribution to the scholarship fund.

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