Roma Index: 'RomaVersitas – Backbone of Europe’s Roma Academic Elite'

REF Executive Director Nadir Redzepi was recently interviewed by Roma Index, a new publication of RomaVersitas in Macedonia. Redzepi had several reminders for Macedonian Roma students who are enrolled in this unique program to help them graduate from university and complete their degrees. He emphasized that "the primary objective of REF and RomaVersitas is to support Roma students throughout their studies. From there arises the basic concept and support of REF for RomaVersitas that is open by design to the ideas and initiatives of members of these organizations in each country where it operates. The role of REF is to provide continuous support for successful study and, of course, to help in upgrading the quality and volume of student initiatives at the national level. I see RomaVersitas as the backbone of a future Roma academic community, which certainly should fight for its own place and influence in Macedonian society, primarily through collective and professional responsibility on behalf of their community." To read more of the interview, click here.