Knowledge is Power | O Zhanipe Zor Si | A Tudás 6alom

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The Roma Education Fund announces the start of a two-month-long campaign to find the best young poetry slammers on the theme of education. As part of the outreach of the competition, open to children and youth at risk of dropping out and still under age 20, the Roma Education Fund premiered a video at the Telepy Comprehensive in Budapest's ninth district, and invited Hungary's press to explore how slam poetry can open new horizons for Romani children and youth.

Starring one of Hungary's leading slammers, Kristof Horvath, and his students, and directed by Adam Csasi, recenty returned from the Berlinale, this video intends to bring about student-to-student communication about the value of education, or as we put it, Knowledge is Power | O Zhanipe Zor Si | A Tudás Hatalom.

Students are invited to record their verses and submit them to, with prizes to be decided on April 30.

Although Hungary has established small after-school study halls to keep vulnerable Romani high school students off the streets with tutoring and extracurricular activities, Romani children are four times more prone to leave school without a diploma than their non-Romani peers. They are ten time less likely to go to university.

Supported by the Roma Education Fund, the campaign Knowledge is Power seeks to inspire peer-to-peer communication about the importance of education for young Roma in Hungary and empower them to excel.

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