Other Sources of Data

Other Sources of Data

Other Sources of Data

Education Policy Data Center
PIRLS (data on math and reading levels of students worldwide)
PISA (another worldwide student test, broader in conception)
World Bank

Education News Outlets

BBC News
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Education Week
Education World
The Guardian
The Independent
Inside Higher Ed
The New York Times
The Times Higher Education


Cool Cat Teacher
Education Insiders
Grant Wiggins
The Innovative Educator
Inside Higher Ed
The Learning Network
Life of an Educator
Paul G. Moss
Yong Zhao


Approaches to early childhood education Jaipaul Roopnarine and James E. Johnson

Beginnings & beyond: Foundations in early childhood education by Ann Gordon and Kathryn Browne 

Big Science for Growing Minds: Constructivist Classrooms for Young Thinkers. Early Childhood Education Series by Jacqueline Grennon Brooks

“Children’s social development within the socialization context of child care and early childhood education” by Howes, Carollee, published in The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Childhood Social Development, Second Edition 

The Economics of Education (textbook) by E Cohn

The Economic Value of Education by TW Schultz

Handbook of research on the education of young children by Bernard Spodek and Olivia N. Saracho. 

Improving Quality in Education: Dynamic Approaches to School Improvement by Bert PM Creemers and Leonidas Kyriakides

Markets in Education
by Simon Marginson

Other People’s Children: Cultural Conflict in the Classroom by Lisa Delpit

Professionals in early childhood education and care systems: European profiles and perspectives by Barbara Budrich, edited by Inge Schreyer and Michelle Joy Newmann

Restructuring Schools for Linguistic Diversity: Linking Decision Making to Effective Programs Ofelia B. Miramontes , Adel Nadeau and Nancy L. Commins

Roma Education in Europe: Practices, policies and politics by Maja Miskovic

The Romani Movements: Minority Politics and Ethnic Mobilization in Contemporary Central Europe by Peter Vermeersch

Miscellaneous Studies and Articles

Knowledge, Tests, and Fadeout in Educational Intervention
The Mission of the High School: A New Consensus of the Purposes of Public Education?

Schoolbased Interventions Promoting both physical activity and healthy eating in Europe: a systematic review within the HOPE project by Ilse  De Bourdeaudhuij, Eveline Van Cauwenberghe, Heleen Spittaels, JM. Oppert, C. Rostami, J. Brug, F. Van Lenthe, Tim Lobstein, and Lea Maes