Klaudia Vospálková – Czech Republic (Roma Memorial University Scholarship Program)

My name is Klaudia Vospálková, I am a law student at Masaryk University, Brno and a recipient of the Roma Memorial University Scholarship Program (RMUSP).

I decided to study law because I felt very committed to justice, and I believe the truth must always win. As a law student, I’m totally normal. I’m addicted to coffee just like all my peers. But a good lawyer is not necessarily a clever person – just watch Legally Blond and you’ll see.

I’m the oldest of four siblings, and a lot of times I was mother number two. I really admire my parents because they showed me how they can make little things turn into miracles, that it’s possible to overcome all the difficulties in life.

I used to volunteer at the Museum of Romani Culture in Brno. We’d go on field trips or play educational games most of the time. When I spoke to the kids there, I often warned them about failure. It might seem silly, but they need to know that it doesn’t matter how many times you fail, but you must stay strong and keep on fighting. You’re the only one who can change things. As Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”